wall furnaces

Providing outstanding Wall Furnaces and Heaters in the Ottawa, Gatineau, Orleans, Cumberland, Glengarry, Prescott & Russell, Clarence-Rockland, Hawkesbury and Embrun area since 1976.

At Fernand Denis, we install Empire wall furnaces and heaters ideal for zone heating. Zone heaters are a great way to save on your heating costs, warm up cold areas in your home and get more precise temperature control in each room.


Zone heaters help with comfort by increasing the temperature in specific rooms. For example, you may want your bedroom or bathroom to be warmer, for when you get changed, but want the rest of your house to remain cool.


If there are rooms in your home that are naturally warmer, for example, due to sun exposure, you may not want to spend money on having your furnace blow warm air into them.


Your wall furnace or heater doesn’t have to warm up the whole house, so if a room is too cold, it can often heat it much faster than a regular furnace or boiler.

Our Wall Furnace & Heating Selection

At Fernand Denis, we carry a large selection of Empire wall furnaces and heaters, including vent-free room heaters, direct-vent wall furnaces and vented wall furnaces. Our top selling models include:


UltraSaver 90 Plus Wall Furnace


B-Vent Console and Visual Flame Room Heaters